About Us

Om Shri Ayurveda & Herbals entered the world of wellness in 2018. Our brand “Fresh Herbs”  is the outcome of several minds at work, who have their heart in the right place and want to bring about a difference in your well being.


Through Fresh Herbs we aim to amalgamate learnings from Ayurveda with our modern mixology techniques, yet sustaining the wholesomeness of our ingredients, thus crafting wellness products for you all that are free from any side effects.


Each ingredient has been carefully nurtured and hand picked to ensure that it sustains the essence of purity & quality. Be it skincare, hair care or overall fitness - we have products to cater to each of your needs and would continue to enahance our range, thus keeping the focus on “your wellness”, as paramount.


Each day, as our teams work hard to create an exceptional wellness experience for you, they also ensure to live by the basic principle of Mother Nature- "When you receive a gift from Mother Nature then you also have to yield and restore.

The welfare of our fraternity is at the heart of this team. As a token of our gratitude towards Mother Nature, for the ingredients that she gift us, we aim to assist the needy in their quest to get nutritious food and affordable care.